47th Annual General Meeting - 5 Dec. 2020


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  1. Notice dated 13 October 2020, already circulated to members relating to the Annual General Meeting and its proxy format arrangements due to the Coronavirus (Covid 19) restrictions
  1. Approval of Minutes

    To receive and approve the minutes of the
    i) 46th Annual General Meeting held on 7 December 2019; and - see AGM Minutes and
    ii) Extraordinary General meeting held on 7 December 2019 - see EGM Minutes
  1. Matters arising from the above Minutes – refer to the Commodore’s Report in item 6 below regarding the ‘on hold’ position of the Contribution and Service Scheme
  1. To receive Council of Management Report(s)

    · Harbourmaster's Report - see report

    · Social Events Calendar 2020 - refer to the Commodore’s Report in item 6 below regarding the impact of Covid 19 on the arrangements.

    · Treasurer's Report - see report with the submission of the Company's Audited Accounts for approval as follows: Year ended 30 September 2020

  1. To agree Fees for 2021 :
    · No changes are proposed to the Annual Membership/Mooring fees.

  1. To receive the Commodore's Report - see report.
  1. To elect of Officers and Members of the Council of Management 2021 - see List of Supported Nominations
  1. Informal matters:
    i) To receive the record of the Members’ Forum held on 7 December 2019 - see file
    i) Notification of this year’s winners of the ‘Bishop’ and the ‘Raymond Slack’ Trophies - see file
    ii) Proposed Social Events Calendar, 2021 - see file

* to follow