Important : Login to the Members' Only pages

The club's Dorfold Moorings

As from the evening of 30th October 2018 the generic login User Name and Password to access the "Members' Only" pages of the Club website was removed.

If you would like to continue to access the Members' Only pages, please click on this link and include your full name, boat name and boat length in feet. I will set-up a unique User Name and Password and get back to you. Club social members please click on this link and tell me your full name and include a memorable two digit number. If members would prefer to use their own password, please include your preferred password in the e-mail. Passwords are encrypted after creation.

Members' Only pages include access to ......

  • Contact details for Club Officers
  • Information documents produced by the Council e.g. AGM documents
  • On-line copies of the Dorfold Magazine
  • Mooring application form
  • Boat licensing and mooring procedures
  • Boat mooring plan
  • Officer of the Day duties
  • Booking forms and posters for social events

Many thanks - Howard (Webmaster)

This page was created on 5th July 2018 and amended on 30th October 2018

The club's Dorfold Moorings