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Commodore's Newsletter

Posted on 27th May 2019

The Commodore's May Newsletter is now viewable (Members' Only access)
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Meal at the White Bear Pub, Middlewich

Posted on 12th May 2019

E-mail from Helen Lacey : John Snook would like to know if there is anyone who intends to drive to the White Bear pub in Middlewich for a meal 25th May 7-7.30pm. If you would like to attend please contact John. Details on the poster." See .... Castlefields Cruise Poster (You need your membership login to view the poster.

Castlefields Cruise

Posted on 2nd May 2019

E-mail from Helen Lacey : "The cruise to Castlefields, Manchester, is from 25th May to 2nd June. Contact John Snook if you would like to join the cruise." See .... Castlefields Cruise Poster for full details.

Electrical fault

Posted on 17th April 2019

E-mail from Neville : "I have received a message from John Grainger regarding the recent Working Day and some subsequent Future Working Parties that we need to organise to complete some of the work that was started over the weekend. I thank John and have reproduced his message in its entirety below since I am in complete agreement with what he says. Please could anyone wishing to contribute to one of John's working parties please reply to John directly. See the Club Contacts page."

John's message reads:
Work weekend report

Although there was a cold wind it was pleasant in the sun and we had dry weather all weekend. We had a good turn out with 34 of the 59 moored boats being represented by at least 59 members, with some actually starting on Friday and doing 3 days’ work.

Everybody that attended seemed to work well together successfully completed all the normal jobs. Also installed were the new advertising banners and repairs to the fences in the trailer park and at the Acton end of the moorings. These fences were damaged by falling trees during the winter storms.

A large group of more than 14 members started work on installing the new cable route from the clubhouse to the Dorfold, and about half of it is now installed. (Extra pictures on this page.) We must thank everybody who carried out these tasks and the ladies who provided the drinks and the food at lunch time.

Future working parties
Before we can install the new cables to re instate the full electrical supply to the moorings we will need to complete the cable ducting installation.
As we are only about half way there, then extra work parties will be required to complete the project.
The possible days to do this work are,
Friday 3rd May. Before the club cruise to Christleton.
Friday 7th to Sunday 9th June. The weekend of the DIY Barbecue.
Friday 5th to Sunday 7th July. The weekend of the Hog roast.
Friday 2nd to Sunday 4th August. The weekend of the DIY Barbecue.

Could you let John Grainger know which if any you are prepared to attend so that we can make firm arrangements.
As an addendum, I would also like to thank Andy and Marina Ashton for the Murder Mystery Night that they organised at Acton Hall after the Saturday working day and to all the helpers and actors. The evening was great fun and the 39 attendees all had an enjoyable time from everything I saw and heard. Great stuff!

September Song

Posted on 15th April 2019

E-mail from Helen Lacey : "Nev and I have provisionally booked the Cotton Arms at Wrenbury for September song - (Saturday 7th September). This cruise involves sailing upto Wrenbury, Friday afternoon/ Saturday morning. Mooring outside the Cotton arms or very nearby. Bowling in the afternoon in a totally fun atmosphere, although there maybe be some serious bowlers out there? In the evening we will have a meal in the pub in an area reserved for us.
The reason I am writing to you all is to find out what interest we have for the trip so that I can book more firmly with an idea of numbers. I can then discuss what menu options we will have available depending on that figure.
Please can you confirm whether you intend to come on this trip or are unable to as soon as possible."

Mooring Plan

Posted on 31st March 2019

E-mail from Harbourmaster Roy Fairbrother - NBCYC Mooring Plan 2019 : "Hi All, With effect from Saturday 6th April 2019 this mooring plan will be Actioned, All GRP boats in the Dorfold take note as I have moved a number of boats round, We had a number of small boats on longer fingers mooring and longer boats on the short fingers, from a Health and safety point after a member fell from his boat last year the council have decided this is the best course to try and reduce the risk of any further incidence."
See the 2019 Mooring Plan (Member login required - Further details here)

CO alarms

Posted on 22nd March 2019

E-mail from Helen Lacey : "I am passing on a message from club member and Boat Safety examiner, Henry Swanick, about the latest regulations for CO alarms with effect from 1st April. Hope it's helpful."

BSS CO alarms As some will be aware, the requirement for CO alarms will be in effect from 1st April 2019. Having just completed the additional training for this I can now summarise; All boat's with one or more accommodation spaces are required to have one or more CO alarms fitted. This will affect most if not all boat's in the club. This requirement is based on 3rd party risk, for example the possibility of exhaust fumes from another boat entering your boat. Additionally an advisory is for boat's with solid fuel stoves to have an alarm fitted in that space, this can be the same alarm as required for accommodation spaces. The alarm should be minimum BS EN 50291 recommended is BS EN 50291-2 as these are more robust for boat's etc. CO alarms have a life of about 7 to 10 years. I have some of the basic 'fire angel CO-9B' which are good for 7 years and have replaceable batteries, these cost £15. If anyone has any questions or needs help with the new requirements, I will be at the moorings from Thurs this week and around through to the work weekend. (Henry Swanick)

Clutter in the Signing In Hut

Posted on 19th March 2019

E-mail from Helen Lacey : "It has come to our attention that the signing in hut is getting very cluttered with items left by members. If members wish to keep any of these items please could they remove them before the working weekend. If they are still there then other members will be invited to take what they could use, the club may utilise some of it and the the rest will be disposed of. There is a list of most but not all of the items below:"

6 volt type 996 4R 25 battery
1200 w halogen heater
Life jackets / buoyancy aids
1 off 4 to 5 year 18-25 kg buoyancy aid for swimming.
2 off 30 – 40 kg buoyancy aid.
1 Buoyancy aid of questionable quality
Large anchor
4 large mooring spikes. (could be useful in members shed?)
2 old notice boards
4 old life belts. 2 are sometimes placed outside the building.
1 lifebelt hanging bracket
5 picture frames
There are also multiple business cards and out of date brochures
Small petrol generator which was left by a member in about 2014 believed not to have been used since then!

Thank you for your cooperation.

Commodore's Newsletter

Posted on 18th March 2019

The Commodore's March Newsletter is now viewable (Members' Only access)
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Club Cruises

Posted on 18th March 2019

E-mail from Helen Lacey : "John Snook has asked me to pass on the following information on the Spring Cruise and ask members for more feedback for the Annual Cruise."

Spring Cruise
So far there are nine boats going. The consensus at present is to meet at The Cheshire Cat 7.00pm to 7.30pm for a meal Saturday 4th May. John has asked if anyone is going by car for a meal only can they let him know so that he can book the correct number for the Cheshire Cat. Around 9.00pm members will be moving onto the Institute.
For further details and to contact John see this link (Note:- Members' Only page - Login required)
Annual Club Cruise
Members who are interested in this cruise please could you give your date and destination preferences if you haven't let John know already. Either saturday 18th May to 27th May or Saturday 25th May to 2nd June.
Possible destinations
1. Manchester to the approved moorings at Castlefield.
2. The Montgomery.
3. Kinver Boats.
4. Great Hayward Boats.
Please email John with your preferences or talk to him on the Working Day.
Happy cruising

Members' Handbook

Posted on 28th February 2019

New for 2019 Members' Handbook visible to all, including potential Club members.

Emergency Contact List

Posted on 25th February 2019

Reminder from Helen Lacey : "Thank you to all those who have replied to my previous email, sent 4th February, about requiring your permission to be contacted in case of an emergency concerning your boat on the moorings. I have had 27 permissions given so far and we will be getting the list together after the Council meeting this Saturday. So if you want to be included on the list please let me know."

Annual Cruise

Posted on 1st February 2019

E-mail from Helen Lacey : "Hello Folks, John Snook has come up with four suggestions for the Annual Cruise and very much wants your feedback on where you would like to go. Please could you let him know.
1 and 2. Leave cruise 25th May to 2nd June: We have the choice of Nantwich to Manchester or Nantwich to the Navigation down the Montgomery canal I have check with CRT and they allow 12 boats a day down the Montgomery.
3 and 4. The other choice to change the cruise dates to make it longer 18th May to 27th May to include the Bank Holiday. Nantwich to Swindon / Kinver or Nantwich to Great Haywood.
Hope there is a majority agreement. They all sound fun!"

Articles of Association

Posted on 21st January 2019

Companies House approved the boat club's proposed Memorandum of Association and Articles of Association on 10th December 2018. The documents are viewable here (Memorandum) and here (Articles)