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New Local canal stoppages - Llangollen Canal

Personalised Club Clothing

Posted on 10th July 2019

Andy and Marina Ashton have liaised with MIS Leisure Ltd. who are able to manufacture a range of clothing, personalised with the NBCYC logo. Items and prices are on the Club Clothing page with links to more information on the MIS Leisure website. Members are asked not to order directly from the MIS website but to e-mail the company. There is a pre-configured clickable link on the Club Clothing page.

Website search engine

Posted on 1st July 2019

The Club website now has a search engine. You can find it here and it's also visible on the side menu / fly out menu (mobile phone) that appears on every page of the website. For security reasons, search engines cannot access password protected pages but you will be able to search for any content that is not in the Members' Only section. The search engine is compatible with mobile phones, but if you get any problems, then please let me know. Many thanks (Howard - Webmaster)

Reminder : Mooring fees

Updated on 1st July 2019

The 2nd instalment of mooring fees was due by Sunday, 30th June. Please pay any outstanding mooring fees by BACS or by cheque to the Treasurer, Rosemary Hale.

Llangollen Canal - update

Posted on 29th June 2019

Bob and Angela McDonough e-mailed me yesterday to say that the Llangollen Canal is now open. Stoppages on the Llangollen Canal are now listed at the top of this Club Noticeboard page.

Commodore's Newsletter

Posted on 18th June 2019

Neville's June Newsletter is now viewable (Member login required - Further details here)
The newsletter contains an update about the ongoing electrical fault. The full story is here.

Summer 2019 Mooring Plan

Posted on 18th June 2019

Roy's Latest Mooring Plan is now on-line

The Canal Main Line Moorings are now full!

Posted on 15th June 2019

There are now no free spaces for additional steel boats to be accomodated at the NBCYC. Currently there are four spaces for GRP boats in the Dorfold Moorings. Further details here.

Bring-a-Friend Charity Event

Posted on 9th June 2019

Haze Birchall has offered to take over from Denise and organise this year's Bring-a-Friend Charity Event (to be held at the Club on Saturday, 28th September). This is her Facebook post - "I've downloaded sponsorship forms etc for Macmillan's trust and cancer research as I think both these charities are extremely important and truly deserve as much support as possible. I'm going to be making quite a few posts over the coming days with ideas of ways we can raise funds."

Summer Dorfold Magazine

Posted on 4th June 2019

Helen Lacey's Summer Dorfold Magazine is now on-line (Members' Only access)
The generic login was removed at the end of October 2018 but you can request a personal log-in here.

September Song (7th & 8th September)

Posted on 15th April 2019

Further details and a booking form are in Helen's Summer Dorfold Magazine or via this link

E-mail from Helen Lacey : "Nev and I have provisionally booked the Cotton Arms at Wrenbury for September song - (Saturday 7th September). This cruise involves sailing upto Wrenbury, Friday afternoon/ Saturday morning. Mooring outside the Cotton arms or very nearby. Bowling in the afternoon in a totally fun atmosphere, although there maybe be some serious bowlers out there? In the evening we will have a meal in the pub in an area reserved for us.
The reason I am writing to you all is to find out what interest we have for the trip so that I can book more firmly with an idea of numbers. I can then discuss what menu options we will have available depending on that figure.
Please can you confirm whether you intend to come on this trip or are unable to as soon as possible."

Members' Handbook

Posted on 28th February 2019

New for 2019 Members' Handbook visible to all, including potential Club members.

Emergency Contact List

Posted on 25th February 2019

Reminder from Helen Lacey : "Thank you to all those who have replied to my previous email, sent 4th February, about requiring your permission to be contacted in case of an emergency concerning your boat on the moorings. I have had 27 permissions given so far and we will be getting the list together after the Council meeting this Saturday. So if you want to be included on the list please let me know."

Articles of Association

Posted on 21st January 2019

Companies House approved the boat club's proposed Memorandum of Association and Articles of Association on 10th December 2018. The documents are viewable here (Memorandum) and here (Articles)