Message from the Commodore : Easing of the coronavirus lockdown

Posted on 13th May 2020

Hi again Everyone,

I will try to get important information out to you regarding how government instructions are affecting our activities at the club but, should you have any queries please do get in touch, check our website and/or join in the discussion on our facebook page. The C&RT latest memorandum is here.

Supplementary notes from Neville :

C&RT suggests that the canal system will be opened up again on the 1st June for cruising. Essentially this new update does not affect the advice for members of NBCYC albeit, that those who do come down to the club would now be permitted to take local trips on their boats.

No decision has been taken yet about removing the "no overnight stays" restriction.

The fridges in the club house will be kept switched off because we are still being advised to practise social distancing, which in itself would be quite difficult on-site and particularly so in communal areas were there to be a large influx of members.

Also, since the majority of our membership are in the "at risk" categories, we feel that it would not be advisable for them to visit unless it is just to check that all is well with their boats

For anyone that does visit, we would ask that you continue to diligently respect the social distancing rules. Remember to regularly wash your hands and to clean any of the communal areas you do visit where practically possible.

Many thanks, stay safe and all the best.

Thanks again to those who contacted me to let me know of these clarifications.

Kind regards
Neville Lacey (Commodore NBCYC)

Lockdown update from the Commodore

Posted on 21st April 2020

Hi Everyone,

I hope you are all keeping well, that you have managed to avoid the virus and are coping with the lock down. I should imagine that we boaters are doing better than most because we are used to living in confined spaces but Helen and I, like most other people, will be glad when it is all over with.

The reason for my message is more one of keeping in touch rather than having much to report. I have been delighted to see that members have continued to communicate and keep in touch with each other, for example through the NBCYC Facebook page. I don't do Facebook myself but I do take part vicariously through Helen's page. One of the things that I have found quite heartwarming, very entertaining and hugely funny is the large number of people who are posting insane things of the humorous variety on social media in order to keep us all sane.

Unfortunately, as you will all presumably know, we are locked down for the next 3 weeks at least and can therefore still not visit our boats. I'm sure that Helen and I are not alone in finding this very stressful. One thing that is very good to know is that we have 3 members living on site at the moment who are keeping an eye on things, monitoring site security and carrying out some maintenance work. Those of you who use the club Facebook page will doubtless be aware of the fact that Jan and Ian Moyes are on site as is Stuart Robinson. I for one am very grateful for the work they are doing and would like to thank them accordingly. I just hope that we are able to join them at the club in the not too distant future albeit, I suspect that we will still be subject to some social distancing regulations even after the full blown lock down has been ended. I will plan to get timely advice out to members as soon as I know anything for sure. However, the decision to cancel our social calendar up to and including the Hog Roast, although regrettable, is certainly soundly based. Any further changes to the calendar will be announced in due course.

Although I have not mentioned this until now, I have been waiting on updates on the lock down to decide what to do about the Contribution and Service scheme that was launched in January following approval at the AGM. I was hoping that we may be able to modify the Contribution aspect to just requiring 2 event attendances to reduce the mooring fee but, it is now clear that too many events will have been affected to make this tenable. My plan now is to consult council about restarting the Contribution part of the scheme in January 2021. Members will still be able to earn service points as per the information that has been circulated albeit, the opportunities to earn points will be reduced until members are able to return to the club without restrictions. Having said this, our Media Editor is still working on the next edition of the Dorfold so, anyone who would like to contribute to keeping the rest of our members entertained is more than welcome to send articles, puzzles, jokes, etc to Helen. Well done, by the way, to Howard Maunders for the digital jigsaw puzzles that he has posted. For anyone who likes jigsaws and hasn't tried them yet, they come with good recommendations from those I know who have tried them. You can get to them from the following link:

Anyway, take care everyone and I will continue to be in touch once I know anything worth passing on.

All the best,
Neville Lacey (Commodore NBCYC)

Social Calendar suspended

Posted on 26th March 2020

Hello Everyone,

I hope you are all keeping safe and well.

Unfortunately, the suspension of our Social Calendar because of the corona virus situation has also had to include council meetings otherwise we would not be keeping to the government recommendations. For this reason I have been in touch with members of council to discuss the measures that we need to take and what we will be doing going forward. The points below represent what we believe to be the best advice and information that we can give to NBCYC members at the moment:

1. The government recommendations are changing and becoming more stringent each day at the moment. Government advice changed significantly whilst council members were considering our response so rather than try to modify our advice regularly, please could NBCYC members use the government rules where their advice is more strict than our guidance. If in any doubt please click on the following link to see the current government advice.

2. Following the Prime Minister's announcement on Monday 23rd March stating that all but key workers should remain at home, NBCYC members should avoid coming to the club until this restriction is lifted.

3. It is probable that even when the current instruction to stay at home is relaxed that we will still be advised to continue the practice of "social distancing" so, whilst this "social distancing" is required, NBCYC members should avoid coming to the club unless it is absolutely necessary or in the event that they are going to move their boats off site.

4. In light of the Prime Minister's statement, the Canal and Rivers Trust (C&RT) have requested that no non-essential travel is undertaken by leisure boaters. This advice will doubtless remain in place whilst the governments "stay at home" instruction is operative. Whilst corona virus restrictions are in place, NBCYC members should check with C&RT what the current position is with respect to cruising and can do so by clicking on the following link

5. For as long as "social distancing" is required, access to the clubhouse and sheds will be restricted to council members and even then, only for essential purposes. For this reason, benches will not be put out nor the fridges in the clubhouse switched on.

6. The signing-in hut and toilet block will be kept open but members should remember to thoroughly wash their hands after they have been in contact with objects or surfaces that may have been touched by club members other than their own boat crew.

7. All social events up to and including the Hog Roast have been cancelled. Council will keep in touch and meet up later in an official meeting once the social distancing advice is relaxed. Until these restrictions are relaxed, we should not be considering any social events. Council will continue to look at the possibility of running events once the "social distancing" rules have been stopped. The type of events that we would run will depend heavily upon the amount of time remaining in the year once the restrictions are lifted.

8. Having given it some thought, the only work that will be carried out at the club until restrictions are relaxed will be essential maintenance work.

I think this covers most things but, if any of you do have any questions that are not covered above or on the government and C&RT websites, I would be very happy to hear them and do my best to answer them.

Many thanks in advance for your help and co-operation in these difficult times.

Best wishes and take care,


Neville Lacey (Commodore NBCYC)