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Articles of Association : discussed at the 2018 AGM and approved by Companies House on 10th December 2018
Memorandum of Association : The Club's Objectives
Bye Laws : The Club Rules were revised on 2nd February 2021 (section 4 - see here)
Health & Safety : NBCYC has Health and Safety responsibilities under both the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 and under Civil Law.
Incident Reporting : All members are asked to please follow the advisory and reporting procedures outlined here
2021 AGM documents : Documents relating to the 2021 Annual General Meeting - Acton Hall, Saturday, 4th December at 1:00 p.m.
Members' Handbook : An Adobe PDF booklet that is issued to all new club members
Future Club Management : An opportunity to attend a Council Meeting
Aspects of the Service & Contribution Scheme : Proposed at the 2019 AGM
Contribution and Service Sceme : Proposed at the 2019 AGM
Membership Fees : Initial and annual membership & mooring fees can be found here
Application for Club membership : Can be completed and submitted on-line
Mooring Availability : You can join the club as a social member and be added to the mooring waiting list if the moorings are full
Mooring and Selling of Boats (1) : Further information is available in the club's bye laws section 3
Mooring and Selling of Boats (2) : Please read the club's bye laws (section 3) in respect of boat sales
Boats Away From Moorings : Please follow, to ensure maximum mooring availability
Mooring Plan : The Harbourmaster's most recent plan shows boat allocations and their owners' names
Licensing and Boat Safety Standard Certificates : Licences are now paid directly to C&RT, rather than through the club
Boaters' Responsibilities and Liabilities : Information from the Club's Articles of Association
Officer of the Day : Duties and responsibilities
Your Boat & Your Membership : 'Quick links' to many of the documents outlined above
Contact the NBCYC : On-line form submission for all matters relating to the boat club
Club Council : Contact details of all the members of the NBCYC Council of Management
Find Us : Location map and sat. nav. directions
Club Calendar : Social Events at the NBCYC for the current year
Facebook : A closed forum for club members
Charity Fund Raising 2020 : Haze's "Brave the Shave" fund raising event on behalf of Macmillan Cancer Care
Charity Fund Raising 2017 : The club's fund raising event on behalf of Macmillan Cancer Care
Christleton Cruise 2018 : The Club cruise to Christleton, on the outskirts of Chester from 4th - 7th May
Club Trip to Scotland : An archived on screen slide show of a previous Club Trip to Scotland
Scotland Itinerary 2019 : location pictures and info. about the Club trip to Loch Awe in the Scottish Highlands
Photo Blogger : Please e-mail me (see Website contact at the bottom of the page) with boating pictures that I can use on this page.
Newsletter : Keep up to date with the Commodore's monthly newsletter
Members' Only Access : Request a login to access the Members' Only pages of the website
Commodore's Newsletters (archived) : All the previous editions of the Commodore's monthly newsletter can be found on this page
Club Noticeboard : All the latest club information is posted on this page
Bereavement Notices
Club Clothing : personalised with the NBCYC logo
Dorfold Magazine : Browse the current issue and back issues (from December 2016 onwards)
Jigsaw Puzzles : 16 downloadable jigsaws to play on your Windows devices
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Nantwich Boat Club - History page 1 : A history of the Nantwich boat Club from 1939 to 1952
Nantwich Boat Club - History page 2 : A history of the Nantwich boat Club from 1953 to 1958