Electrical Fault

Message from John Grainger (Land & Buildings)

We have a fault on the cable feeding the sockets on the field side of the Dorfold and the Acton moorings.

A temporary fix has been carried out to restore power to these sockets by feeding them from the supply to the canal side of the Dorfold.

Danger - Men and dog at work! Unfortunately this means that 37 sockets, which can supply power to 58 boats is on a single supply of 16 amps. This is only 4 kilowatts and if it is shared between 58 boats that is only 70 watts per boat.

Providing everybody is sensible with their power usage and only use the system for what it was designed and meant for, to power battery chargers and hand held power tools, there should not be a problem.

However if moorers use the system for items it was never designed for, the system will trip and inconvenience all the moorers in that area. You should NOT be using high load items such as kettles, immersion heaters, hairdryers, cabin heaters etc. now and even after the system is repaired.

We intend to make a permanent repair as soon as we can, however it will take a lot of man hours to install a cable duct from the clubhouse to the Dorfold to enable the new cables to be installed. The more members that assist with this work, the quicker we can complete this task. Please contact me John Grainger - Land and Buildings if you are prepared to attend so that I can make firm arrangements.

Update 17th April 2019

A large group of more than 14 members started work on installing the new cable route from the clubhouse to the Dorfold at the Working Weekend and about half of it is now installed. We must thank everybody who carried out these tasks and the ladies who provided the drinks and the food at lunch time.

Having crossed the road, digging is now a little easier Future working parties
Before we can install the new cables to re instate the full electrical supply to the moorings we will need to complete the cable ducting installation.
As we are only about half way there, then extra work parties will be required to complete the project.
The possible days to do this work are,

Friday 3rd May. Before the club cruise to Christleton.
Friday 7th to Sunday 9th June. The weekend of the DIY Barbecue.
Friday 5th to Sunday 7th July. The weekend of the Hog Roast.
Friday 2nd to Sunday 4th August. The weekend of the DIY Barbecue.

Please note: No further working parties are required.

Update 17th June 2019

John is going to purchase the cable and hopefully start laying it before the Hog Roast which is on Saturday, 6th July.

Almost finished for the day. Half way there
Please contact me John Grainger - Land and Buildings if you are prepared to attend so that I can make firm arrangements.